2007. november 6., kedd

Carl Club Caracas party

Carl Cox Caracas Club (November 3 2007) 4 Death people.
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And here is the rest of it.After an hour of Techno House at the hands of DJ Carl Cox, on the back of the rostrum A La Rinconada a firefight that lasted only a few moments left four people dead in the middle of the track, two of them on the left side near the bar and three more on the right side.

Carl Cox issues statement:
I am deeply shocked and still stunned by the events of this Saturday [3rd November]. My condolences go out to victims that were caught up in this horrific act that took place at this gig. I am informed that it was gang related and feel so sad that anybody would act in such a manner when the event was full of 7000 people having fun! I will try my best to continue on the tour across South America however deeply shocked and shaken I am.

Orther information:
Not many people respond at the gun shots because, previously they had fired off some fireworks.
There was security, but they dindt check people on drugs/wapons.
They even were not good prepared/trained for this.

* R.I.P *

(Peace be with you!)

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