2007. szeptember 8., szombat

Blinkenlight performance from 2005

Back to past, fuk newest news:

As a part of the famous Schönherz Challenge (Kupa, QPA) of the University of Technology and Economics in Budapest, students turned the dormitory building into a huge dot matrix display for the third time in 2005 (apparently this was the last occasion for performance). They covered the windows with thin paper for a better pixel-like matrix-looks. Then placed a light behind each window and built up a radio-controlled system which controlled the lights to turn up and down, playing the animations of the competitive teams.

This is one of the best animations. The music is an adaptation of Tankcsapda (Tank-trap), a popular rock band from Debrecen. Famous for 15 minutes, this animation got into an american tv network, ABC News.

for more information: oriaskijelzo.hu (hungarian)

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